Content Approval Workflow


Content Approval Workflow plugin offers an efficient solution for content collaboration, easing the process of initiating and managing content reviews and approval within WordPress. This tool streamlines the review process, benefiting both publishers and contributors by simplifying content collaboration.

With this plugin, you can easily assign reviewers or approvers to content, track review status, and receive notifications when reviews are completed.

Key Features:

  • Easily initiate content reviews:

    • Select approvers/reviewers from within the post or page editor and initiate review requests with just a few clicks.
  • Seamless Collaboration:

    • Approvers( or reviewers ) can easily review content and provide feedback, and if everything is okay they can approve the content.
  • Comprehensive Review and Feedback:

    • Integrated feedback system for efficient communication.
    • Reviewers can easily review the content (page/post) and provide detailed feedback
    • Users can reply to feedback directly within the editor, enhancing collaboration.
  • Instant Notifications:

    • Reviewers receive immediate email notifications upon being assigned to review content, ensuring prompt action.
    • Users are instantly notified of any feedback provided or when content receives approval, facilitating efficient collaboration and decision-making.
    • Customisable email templates for email notifications sent to reviewers.
  • Multiple Reviewers:

    • The plugin supports the assignment of multiple reviewers or approvers for content review, accommodating a more comprehensive and diverse assessment process.
  • Dashboard for Quick Status:

    • Instantly know the status and requests in the Content to Review and Pending Review metabox in the admin dashboard.
    • Clearly see the approval status of your content if your content has been approved after review.
  • Approval History:

    • You can view approval history of any content in settings page.
    • You can also view the approval history on the editor page of the current post.
  • Notifications for Pending Review:

    • Reviewers will receive email notifications of pending reviews.
    • The frequency of notifications can be set as reminders for reviewers.
  • Workflow Visual Progress:

    • The plugin provides a visual progress bar to show the status of the content review process.
    • The progress bar is displayed on the editor page of the current post.
  • Approve Status Column:

    • The plugin provides a column in the content list table to show the approval status of the content.
    • The column is displayed on the content list table in the admin dashboard.
  • Publish a Post Without Review:

    • With this feature, you can decide to let certain posts go live right away without needing approval.
    • It means you have the option to turn off the review step for individual posts, letting them be published directly.


  • Improved Collaboration:

    • Efficient collaboration between content creators(authors), editors, and approvers streamlines the content creation process and reduces miscommunications.
  • Enhanced Content Quality:

    • Streamlined review and approval process leads to higher quality content, ensuring that only polished and well-written content is published.
  • Simplified communication:

    • Keep everyone involved in the review process informed with instant notifications.
  • Streamlined review process:

    • The review process is streamlined, making it faster and more efficient.


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  • Visual progress bar for the content review process. Select users and ask for review.
  • Give feedback for the content.View approval history of the current post.
  • Approve review request from post editor by clicking on approve button.
  • View sent and received approval requests.
  • General settings: Control who can request and approve review, minimum review, publishable, and column visibility in posts list table.
  • Notification settings: Set pending review notifications and reminder Frequency.
  • Email settings: Customise email templates for email notifications sent to users.
  • History settings: View content approval history of all posts and users.


  1. Install and activate the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  2. Open any post or page in the editor to access the Content Approval Workflow metabox.
  3. Select users for review and initiate the content review process.


Q: How do I initiate a content review?

A: Open the post or page editor, find the Content Approval Workflow metabox, select users, and initiate the review.

Q: Can I receive email notifications about content approval?

A: Yes, users selected for review receive instant email notifications about new review requests and the approval status of their content.

Q: Is there a comment or feedback feature?

A: Yes, the plugin includes a dedicated metabox for feedback during the content review process.


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Contributors & Developers

“Content Approval Workflow” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 1.1.4

  • Added: Tooltip to switch.
  • Verified: Compatibility with the latest WordPress version.
  • Improved: Design of step wizard.
  • Fixed: The alert issue on publishing.

Version 1.1.3

  • Added: Review process Enable/Desable functionality in the Post metabox.
  • Enhanced: History log Shortcode.
  • Improved: Performance for a faster, responsive feel.
  • Ensured: Compatibility with the latest WordPress version.
  • Fixed: Bugs for a smoother user experience.

Version 1.1.2

  • Added: Backwards compatibility for older verions.
  • Fixed: Bugs for a smoother user experience.
  • Added: Column for approval status in the content list table.
  • Added: Visual progress bar for the content review process.
  • Ensured: Compatibility with the WordPress version 6.4.x.
  • Improved: Performance for a faster, responsive feel.

Version 1.1.1

  • Update plugin description.

Version 1.1.0

  • Enhanced: User permissions with more control.
  • Fixed: Bugs for a smoother user experience.
  • Improved: Performance for a faster, responsive feel.
  • Ensured: Compatibility with the latest WordPress version.
  • Added: Setting page for fine-tuning your experience.

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release