ContentBot AI Writer (ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4)


Get ideas, inspiration, and content in a few clicks with our AI Writer. All content is unique and original. Simply tweak it and go. No more blank pages!

Create amazing human-like content snippets for your product or blog with the click of a button.


  • Create product descriptions
  • InstructBot (ChatGPT equivalent)
  • Generate blog topic ideas
  • Create a blog intro for your next article
  • Generate page headline Ideas
  • Create blog outlines
  • Rewrite sentences
  • Change the tone of your sentences
  • Talking points
  • Summarizer (long form)
  • Generate listicles
  • Use our bullet point expander to create paragraphs
  • Summarize long content into succinct copy
  • Finish the sentence
  • Create brand names, startup ideas and slogans
  • Create ad copy for Adwords and Facebook
  • Come up with video ideas and descriptions
  • Create comprehensive landing page content
  • Create a value proposition for your product or service
  • Generate a list of marketing ideas
  • Use copywriting formulas such as AIDA, PBS, PAS and more
  • Blog conclusions
  • Create paragraphs with a click
  • Engaging questions
  • Explain it to a child
  • Explain it like a professor
  • Brand story
  • Photo captions
  • Lots more!

Link the plugin to the Web App

By linking the WordPress plugin to our AI Writer web app, you will be able to import documents from the web app directly into your WordPress site.

ContentBot makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model. We will soon include ChatGPT 4.

You can upgrade to our premium plan here.

Looking for a Jasper alternative that works in WordPress? You’ve found it! We were the first AI Writer that launched a WordPress plugin. WordPress development is something we’ve specialized in for the last 11 years. You’re in good hands!

AI content marketing has never been so easy.


  • Adding an AI content bot block
  • Generating AI content


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • AI Content


Download the ContentBot ZIP file.

Installing the ZIP File

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Go to WordPress Plugins page and click on Add New button, then Upload the .zip file that you downloaded.
  3. Then click “Install Now” and then “Activate”
  4. Create a new page/post and insert the ContentBot block to start generating AI content

Installing via WordPress Plugin Search

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Go to WordPress Plugins page and search for “ContentBot”
  3. Then click “Install Now” and then “Activate”
  4. Create a new page/post and insert the ContentBot block to start generating AI content

That’s it! ContentBot will now be enabled on your site!


How does this work?

OpenAI’s GPT-3 is a state-of-the-art natural language processing system that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. We’ve bundled all of this power into an easy to use WordPress plugin.

How can I import my documents from ContentBot to my WordPress site?

Simple head over to, then click on “Documents”. Click the three dots for the document you want to export and click “Export”. Please note the export option will only show if you have successfully linked your WordPress plugin to ContentBot.


April 16, 2024
For me, this plugin is a good enough for a writer starter, hopefully the can create an article along with the image in the future. PS: I believe We still need to review the article from AI, but it’s good enough fo me, also this is should be a premium not freemium I believe.
January 12, 2024
Helps me in creative tasks, information gathering, problem-solving, And this is just scratching the surface.
March 31, 2023
Note to author. 5. Trialware is not permitted. Plugins may not contain functionality that is restricted or locked, only to be made available by payment or upgrade. Functionality may not be disabled after a trial period or quota is met. In addition, plugins that provide sandbox only access to APIs and services are also trial, or test, plugins and not permitted. Paid functionality in services is permitted (see guideline 6: serviceware), provided all the code inside a plugin is fully available. We recommend the use of add-on plugins, hosted outside of, in order to exclude the premium code. Situations where a plugin is intended as a developer tool only will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Attempting to upsell the user on ad-hoc products and features is acceptable, provided it falls within bounds of guideline 11 (hijacking the admin experience). Let me know if I am mistaken, “This is a limited seat “trial … 5 000 words once off”
January 16, 2023 is a powerful AI-powered content generation tool that can help businesses and marketers create high-quality, unique content in a fraction of the time it would take to write it manually. It is easy to use, with a simple user interface and a wide range of customization options.
December 13, 2022
Content bot has 2 amazing features that help me a ton. There are others, but these 2 I use the most: long form and paraphrase. I try to synthesize different articles together at times, and the paraphrase makes it so much faster and easier for me just to copy and paste the parts I like, and then have them magically re-written, so that I can piece it all together. Like literal magic. What’s even more magical is the long form content. Idk how it does it, I just start writing, and then I ask it to continue writing, and it pulls together information I would have never dreamed of that is relevant to rest of what I’m writing about. Sometimes it pulls information that isn’t relevant, and I delete that part and then ask it to re-write and it comes up with something I like within 2-3 tries. Highlight: Once, I was writing something, and content bot started writing about something that was completely off topic, but that was so interesting to me, not just the information but also the perspective content bot had on it, that I kept have it write until the end and it felt like I was just given a life lesson by an ai. The future is going to be so sick.
November 29, 2022
I’ve been using ContentBot for a while and spend many credits for the rephrase feature so far to get some variation on my current article, and most of the time the output is giving me a good idea with just a little modification after just to fit in my writing style. I’ve seen that they’re regularly releasing update with some of exciting feature, can’t wait to try the new one called ‘Blog Shot’
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Contributors & Developers

“ContentBot AI Writer (ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



v1.2.3 – 2023-11-27

  • Updated InstructBot to Chat feature
  • Added ability to rewrite posts using AI
  • Added wordpress publish ‘status’ param
  • Added multi wordpress site functionality

v1.2.2 – 2023-04-21

  • Added InstructBot feature
  • Added ability to rephrase text block content
  • Updated Help submenu page
  • Added Overview to Help page
  • Added JSON escaping for instruct calls

v1.2.1 – 2023-01-18

  • Added integration support
  • Added a custom ‘cbai_import_document’ REST Endpoint
  • Improved Sign In and Login flows (connect)
  • Added Uninstallation Hook
  • Added all the latest short form tools
    • instruct
    • talking points
    • summarizer (long form)
  • Changed block name to “AI Content”
  • Added Help submenu page

v1.2.01 – 2022-09-12

  • Fixed incorrect branding image

v1.2.00 – 2022-09-09

  • Added all the latest short form tools
    • blog conclusions
    • paragraph
    • engaging questions
    • explain it to a child
    • explain it like a professor
    • brand story
    • photo captions
  • Added ability to login with API key in Gutenberg block area
  • Updated media

v1.1.00 – 2021-07-05

  • Added all the latest short form tools
    • blog outline
    • bullet point expander
    • listicle
    • change tone
    • summarizer
    • finish the sentence
    • startup ideas
    • brand namees
    • slogan generator
    • adwords ads
    • facebook ads
    • video ideas
    • video description
    • landing page
    • value proposition
    • sentence rewriter
    • pitch yourself
    • pain-agitate-solution
    • pain-benefit-solution
    • AIDA
    • quora answers
    • sales email
  • Added more robus language options
  • Increased input string lengths
  • Improved UX


  • Added translation support for input and ouput (powered by Google Translate)
  • Changed brand elements


  • Added a cache buster for the scripts.js file (CloudFlare users experiencing issues)


  • Added support for multi outputs
  • Added support to include intros for blog topic requests
  • Fixed a bug that caused our welcome page to show when any plugin was activated

1.00 – 2021-02-04

  • Launch!