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SNIP – Structured Data Plugin for WordPress to create Rich Snippets and Rich Search Results

Since 2012, SNIP Structured Data has helped thousands of websites worldwide to display eye-catching search results on Google and other search engines. This gave them better visibility in search engines.

Eye-catching search results, you ask? How is that possible? It’s because of little snippets of code (called Structured Data) that tell search engines exactly what kind of content they’ll find on your site. This way, they can better understand that content. Certain Structured Data snippets are displayed on search results pages as Rich Search results, a different way of displaying your content on the search engine results page (SERP).

The free version allows you to add structured data to all your pages, posts or custom post types with the world’s first Structured Data Generator. So it contains everything you need to get started quickly on a standard WordPress site.

My story and mission

I originally developed SNIP for my own purposes. After a few months I decided to make it available to the public. After years on the market, there is finally a free version of SNIP.

My mission is to provide a high performance, easy to use and powerful plugin to bring structured data (which is part of technical SEO) to any WordPress site without having knowledge about the technical details of coding. SNIP’s users range from recipe, travel, WooCommerce stores to many other custom sites.

Get ahead of the competition

Do you do SEO on your website? Of course you do! Because you need to beat the competition. Structured data is technical SEO and can help you get eye-catching search results on Google and other search engines. Obviously, good looking search results get more clicks! SNIP uses the vocabulary to create schemas that can generate so-called Rich Snippets or Rich Results in search engines. You’ll see these as star ratings, price quotes, bullet points, images, and more on search results pages.

Taking care of your Structured Data on your WordPress site

SNIP Structured Data is packed with features designed to help visitors and search engines get a deep understanding of your site’s content. Some of my favorites features are:

  • The world’s first Structured Data Generator.
  • Supports 30+ Schemas in the free version.
  • Supports all schemas (currently 800+) [PRO].
  • Automate schema creation with the built-in Global Snippets feature (create a schema template and play it out to any page, post or custom post type).
  • Supports 10+ field types for use in schema templates.
  • Supports 30+ field types for use in schema templates [PRO].
  • Remove old and invalid schema syntax from your WordPress site.
  • Compatible with almost all themes.
  • Override schema properties on a per-post basis [PRO].
  • Retrieve post metadata (e.g. from Advanced Custom Fields) [PRO].
  • Completely free Structured Data video course!
  • Premium support from the plugin author [PRO].
  • Made in Germany!

Trust the expert

I’m Florian (Flo for short), a freelance web developer who has been doing general web development for over 17 years. And as you might expect: I’m really passionate about what I do (who else can really claim that?). Hopefully you can feel my passion in the brand new SNIP plugin now available on 🙂

What users of the PRO version say

★★★★★ by MChav06 via CodeCanyon:

This is the first schema plugin that allows absolute control on a post-by-post basis. Support is excellent, and Florian is always open to new ideas to implement to make the plugin even better. Definitely worth every penny and then some.

★★★★★ by vacuumsrus via CodeCanyon:

Dude seriously this plugin is worth three times what I paid for it. I tried two other plugins before this and looked over several others. Your plugin does EVERY THING all the other ones do all in one plugin. And slick too. (…) THANK YOU!

★★★★★ by Patrick_D via CodeCanyon:

Flo is just plain out awesome 🙂 Even when bouncing ideas around with him you can see that he never loses focus.

★★★★★ by jjsolutions via CodeCanyon

At last I’ve found something that takes the stress out of creating structured data. Previously I’ve tried myself and there is always one tag out of place and it’s been impossible to get everything to pass the Google Structured Testing Tool but this plugin took the pain away.

★★★★★ by ecoman via CodeCanyon

Perfect tool for structured data. And “Made in Germany” 🙂

★★★★★ by mjankowski via CodeCanyon

I tried a few Rich Snippets plugins but they were all too complicated or simply didn’t work. Thanks to SNIP I have finally figured it out and now my website looks much better in Google search results. Strongly recommend!

★★★★★ by Azraph via CodeCanyon

It was hard to choose for which reason this plugin is the best rich snippet plugin available, it’s super customizable, the documentation is just amazingly extensive, not to mention the awsome video crash course on structured data that’s freely available on the author’s site, the customer support was, in my experience, one of the best support you could wish for. The overall quality of the product is top-notch, everything just works as it’s supposed to. Finally, this plugin is so flexible it will fit whatever your needs/setup is, you can automate and retrieve data from any field in posts_meta and even the wp_options table which practically covers any plugin and/or custom fields situation.

Get premium support

I offer regular support on the forums. But I hope you understand that I have to give priority to my premium customers. This one-to-one email support is available for people who have purchased the Pro version of the plugin.

Did you know that SNIP PRO includes a lot of additional features?

  • Create unlimited Global Snippets (Schema templates).
  • Access to all 800+ schemas (from
  • Unlimited schema properties.
  • Ability to override specific properties on a per-post basis.
  • Import/Export of schemas.
  • Creating a global snippet from a JSON+LD template (or your competitor).
  • Access to more field types, e.g. to automatically include post metadata.
  • Loop functionality: Loop trough things (like post categories) to create schemas on the fly.
  • Predefined snippets: Install the predefined schemas and you’re good to go!
  • More rules for the position metabox: customize a post template, child terms, any taxonomy, a parent page, and more!
  • Native WooCommerce support!
  • Personal support from the developer.

If you are serious about your Structured Data on WordPress, install SNIP PRO!


  • This is how an Article Schema could look like on search results.
  • This is how a Product Schema could look like on search results.
  • This is how a ItemList (Carousel) Schema could look like on search results.
  • This is how a Course Schema could look like on search results.
  • This is how an Event Schema could look like on search results.
  • This is how a HowTo schema could look like on search results.
  • This is how a Q&A schema could look like on search results.
  • The activation screen of SNIP – The Structure Data and Schema Plugin for WordPress.
  • The help screen with a free Structured Data Training Course.
  • Global Snippets (alias Schema Templates) Screen.
  • Configuring a single Schema Template.
  • Setup where a Schema should be integrated on the frontend.


  1. See How to install a WordPress Plugin. Search for “snip” in the search field.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to snip | Structured Data from your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Click the “Activation” tab.
  5. Click the “Activate your copy” button.

Take the Structured Data Training. It’s free for everyone. It tells you everything from:
* What Structured Data is.
* What Rich Snippets are.
* How to use SNIP.


Structured Data Basic Questions

What’s the difference between the FREE and the PRO version of SNIP?

With the PRO version you can:

  • Create unlimited Global Snippets (Schema templates).
  • With access to all 800+ schemas (from
  • Unlimited schema properties.
  • Possibility to overwrite certain properties on a per-post-basis.
  • Import/Export schemas.
  • Create a Global Snippet from a JSON+LD template (or your competitor).
  • Access to more field types, for example to automatically include post meta data.
  • Loop functionality: Loop trough things (like post categories) to create schemas on the fly.
  • Predefined snippets: Install the predefined schemas and you’re ready-to-go!
  • More rules for the position metabox: Match a post template, child terms, any taxonomy, a page parent and even more!
  • Native WooCommerce support!
  • Personal support by the developer.

Does the plugin work with Yandex?

Yes it does. Read more about it here.

Is SNIP compatible with plugin X, Y or Z?

Read more about this information in the official compatibility list.

Is the plugin compatible with Elementor?

Yes, it is and should be in the future.

Errors and warnings on Googles Structured Data Test Tool. What should I do?

I have a super long article about this on my blog, go and check it out.

Can I create a schema graph with it?

Not in version 2.x (that’s planned in version 3), but you can build super complex structured data using the Global Snippet functionality together with the @id parameter.

Getting Started with SNIP

Popular Schema How-Tos

More questions?

Ask my little friend, the BuddyBot. It has not an answer to every question, but you should try anyway! 😉

What else?

There is a very detailed documentation here. Check it out!


April 25, 2024
Eigentlich hatte ich sowas wie snip gesucht. Das beschriebene hörte sich gut an und würde meine Anforderungen abdecken. Nach der Aktivierung des Plugin kam aber die große Ernüchterung. Wie schlecht ! Der Setup-Assistent läßt sich nicht starten… Alles total unübersichtlich dahingewurschtelt. Kein WYSIWYG, einfach Zeitverschwendung und von den tollen Eingangsworten nicht viel übrig. Deinstalliert !
June 16, 2021 3 replies
At first, it looks promising, but unfortunately, it (free version) just does not work well for me. Although google recognizes there is a rich snippet for recipes, some crucial elements will not be displayed (e.g. title & description), instead I will still have the regular blog post title and some random teaser text from a blog post text component.. UPDATE: also depends google
February 4, 2021
You cannot even create a real product schema with the free version. Everything asks for PRO. You cannot use customized fields, cannot add GTIN coming from another plugin, not easy to understand what is what. Contrary to their support articles, there is no option to remove Woocommerce schema, there is another option for micro data, but guess what? Only for PRO. It is weird that such new plugin, with few installs is trying to charge you before showing anything valuable
January 18, 2021
no other words to say than this ones: SNIP is the best! Let me say that I’ve tried ALL the schema plugin in their Pro version, and when I say ALL I mean ALL (the last one I tested is the superb schema module in rankmath pro, but SNIP is even better). You can create every possible schema and customize them in all their properties (which are “mapped” on so you have a searchable field and you can import them with all the supported properties). The plugin has a free video course and a lot of other resources you’ll need to use the plugin at its best). The customer service is pure gold.
January 18, 2021
I’ve tried multiple schema plugins, and Snip is the only one that can be customized to use all schema types. Most plugins, even paid plugins, are limited to the 10 or 12 must common schema types. (I use the PRO version.) This is the plugin I recommend to all my web clients, having tried them all.
January 18, 2021
SNIP is awesome. Even the free version has some really great options. If you would like your website to behave like a pro, buy pro. The option then are virtually endless. And support is awesome!
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